We are all aware of the staggering amount of money and property that will change hands over the next 20 years as the baby boomers come into their inheritances. The reinvestment of that wealth is the topic of myriad books, articles, seminars, advertisements and talk shows.

Many clients are now working with financial planners, investment advisors and similar professionals to assist them in the accumulation and protection of assets through such vehicles as life insurance, RRSPs, non-registered stocks. Some clients are dealing with real estate agents to help them locate investment properties. The Income Tax Act has numerous rules regarding how these assets are taxed. How can you be confident that you are investing in the mix of assets that will provide you the after tax return most suited to your current situation and long term goals?

We will review the recommendations of your financial advisor and identify opportunities for you to structure your portfolio (insurance, RRSP, stocks, bonds, real estate etc.) to significantly increase the long term after tax return on your investments by recommending the type of investment you should acquire at a particular point in time based on your current and anticipated future tax profile.


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