The will is the cornerstone of the estate plan. The will allows an individual (the Testator/Testatrix) to choose who will receive assets on death, when the assets will pass and who will be responsible for ensuring that the estate is administered in accordance with the testator's wishes.

By seeking professional advice prior to the drafting and signing of the will, one may also be able to reduce probate fees and taxes payable on death, reduce the risk of a challenge to the will by disgruntled family members and generally reduce the overall cost of administering the estate thereby maximizing the amounts ultimately received by the beneficiaries.

Most people are aware of the benefits of having a will. They are also aware of the additional hardships that may be placed on their loved ones should they die without a will (or with a will that no longer reflects their wishes or which does not reflect their wishes because of improper drafting) yet, amazingly, most adult Canadians do not have a will! Even if a person is not planning on dying in the foreseeable future, consider this- the preliminary steps in preparing a will are the same steps the person would take in preparing a financial, retirement or tax plan.

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