Do you do anything different before, during or after the closing from other lawyers?

Most definitely. First of all, we send the client an introductory letter which contains a lot of useful information about the upcoming transaction including matters that they have to take care of and phone numbers for the utility companies and the tax and water departments so that they can call to make arrangements to pay these accounts after closing. Not all lawyers send out this information at this time.

More significantly, we get the clients in immediately for the preliminary meeting which we talked about earlier. We are not aware of any other lawyer in the Greater Toronto Area that does this and I know we are getting a lot of new business and referrals because we offer this service and the clients really appreciate the opportunity to meet the lawyer as soon as possible to go over all their concerns. It is a real benefit for the client not to be left in the dark as to what is going to happen between that first meeting and the closing date and it is good for us also because we have the opportunity to work with the client, realtor, mortgage lender and the vendor's lawyer on a timely basis to sort out any problems that may arise.